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The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Trigger Herpes and the List of 300 Foods Showing Which Ones
Help to Eliminate and Which Ones Cause the Outbreaks

Once you have contracted the herpes virus the number of outbreaks are determined by few factors: One of the major factors is your immune system. While the immune system is healthy and strong the virus often lays dormant waiting for your immune system to weaken and become more vulnerable, then striking with a vengeance often causing an array of symptoms including outbreaks.
Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with what weakens their immune system leaving them far more susceptible to attack by this horrible virus and all of its side effects.

Below are 5 common mistakes that people unknowingly make known to trigger the herpes virus, along with a comprehensive list of 300 foods showing which foods deter and trigger outbreaks.
Discover the 5 Biggest Mistakes that Trigger Herpes Outbreaks,
and How to Avoid them. Get an Easy to Read Chart of 300 Foods Explain which Foods Deter and which Trigger Outbreaks.
Discover the Secrets to Keeping
Your Outbreaks at Bay.

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